how not to get attacked

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how not to get attacked

Post  dc0650730 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:23 am

hey i've played ogame for about a year now and over the circulars i have heard a lot about getting attacked and i thought that i could help people in need with this post.
1. Don't let res sit on your planet unless you are online all the time with a way to transport it if you see a hostile fleet coming. If you see a hostile fleet coming you should fleetsave which i will explain an easy way to do that later on. If you have res on your planet at the end of the day before you go to bed either spend it on defense, ships, research, or buildings or if your saving up for something put it in your fleet and fleetsave. so remember having res on your planet invites raiders so don't let it sit.
2.have an adequate defense. if you have over 20k res on your planet make sure you have over 30 ll (light lasers) and 5 hl (heavy lasers) to scare away most attackers but more defense is always advised and remember that rl (rocket launchers) take rapid fire from cruisers which a lot of players have now. Do not rely on your fleet as defense because there is always someone with a bigger fleet.
3. FLEETSAVE!!! that may be one of the most important things you can do. some players will attack you just to crash your fleet so if your fleet isn't there they won't be able to crash it. to go with number 1 just load all your res up and go attack an inactive player because they will not have any defense so you won't lose anything. when you fleet save make sure you have some extra time. say i go to bed at midnight and i always get up at 8 i would set my fleet to arrive at 9ish so in case i can't get to the computer or something comes up i have a little extra time to get to it.
4. res saving is a nice little thing. what you do is you can hide res on your planet for a little while. what you do is you spend res on a BUILDING that can hide a lot of your res and also takes a while to build. this gets easier later on when things take days to build it is a little harder when it is just hours. and then when you want the res all you do is just cancel the building and then you have your res back. a good thing about doing this is that when you do this raiders cannot see the res in their espionage reports.

so remember more res = higher chance to get attacked, not fleetsaving will most likely get you attacked, res saving is a good idea and if you can't put it on your fleet when you fleetsave, and higher defense = lesser chance to get attacked.
i sure do hope that this helps and veterans, if i have missed anything please pm me in the forums so i can add it and your name will be added within the fix.
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Re: how not to get attacked

Post  Stickman on Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:49 am

I've found that if you're online when someone launches an attack, it's sometimes worthwhile sending them a message to tell them that you're aware of the impending attack and that you plan to use up/remove all resources before the fleet arrives. Assuming the person is online, often they'll cancel the attack since it would be a waste of their time. Of course it doesn't always work but it's usually worth a try.

Second, don't just trust to numbers with your defences: if you have the resources it's worth investing in weapons, shielding and armour research rather than just building more light lasers or whatever.

Finally, if you want to know how strong your defences are and maybe plan for what to invest in next (e.g. more defences, bigger fleet, further research etc) try using one of the many combat simulators. Put in what you've got and see what sort of fleet it will defend against. Then you can adjust your own numbers to see where best to put your resources.

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