Help with defense

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Help with defense

Post  blinkin11 on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:58 pm

So I know this has been asked 1000's of times. I have searched on the ogame forums too, I just wanted more opinions.

What's the best defense against battleships?

I try to fleetsave, but sometimes I just dont have the chance to log in everyday.

I have had this guy sending 3-4 probes a day waiting to catch me. I was out of town for 2 days and he was able to slaughter one of my planets. At least I did not have fleet there. He did take out my defense pretty easy without me even touching him. He was using 75 battleships.

I have read plasmas and gauss can do some damage against them. I assume in big numbers. Sucks, he had firepower of about 100k against my weak 30k. I am going to just focus on defense for a bit not to kind of turtle but not focus completely on that.

Unfortunately I do not have plasmas yet I am still a bit of research off from that. So gauss is my option. Unfortunately he attacked my second planet which had weaker defense than my first, and well I am surprised he didnt hit my 3rd that was even weaker.

I don't want to call the alliance on him yet, but if he starts to try and farm me I may need some big guns to help.

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