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Post  FallenSniper on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:48 am

I suggest a thread where everyone Posts fleet status. Then when fleet status changes they just edit the old one, that way we dont get overthrown with posts. Anywy this way we would be able to see who has what, and would be able to plan attacks better. Plus we should have another section were we can post agressive players, anyone and thier cords, any player that has attacked a member should be posted here and we should consider the targets we need to retaliate to. This would also prove usefull in a situation needing us to come to arms and fight back. (Plus people can post what hit thier col so we have and idea what each agressor has. When you make this thread for people to post in Let me know I will put up my reports as Samples for everyone else posting, this way we can have a very neat and effective way to organize and operate. Thanks.

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